The power to unleash the menu of tomorrow today!


Our Menu Builder is the premier way to create menus and display them online. The Menu Builder provides an easy interface allowing you to create menus with simple drag and drop functionality. Menus produced with our Menu Builder allow you to display your menu with one of our professionally designed menu templates.
Want to change something on your menu? With a few clicks you can update your menu and make it available to your customers instantly!
Menus built with the Menu2Scan Menu Builder look great on any device and we are continually adding new templates for you to choose from.
  • Ultimate flexibility to design your menu
  • Realtime menu updates
  • Desktop and Mobile friendly menu templates
  • Fastest speeds in the industry


Import your items from your POS system directly into the Menu2Scan Menu Builder. Once imported, update the data, select a theme, and create a new Menu2Scan.
Download a csv version of your inventory/items and then upload to Menu2Scan. Currently available for Clover. We are interested in integrating into other POS system. Please contact us for details.
Release scheduled for October 2020.


Using the PDF Linker is one of the quickest ways to get started. Simply upload your pdf file to our website and generate a Menu2Scan menu.
Easily create a PDF file using your mobile phone to scan your physical menu. There are several free apps on the app store that will allow you to do this!


Already have a menu on your website you’re happy with? Link to your existing online menu and allow customers to access it using a QR Code or by connecting to your WIFI
Customer Satisfaction
Reduce Costs
Increase Turnover


Let your customers view different menus on a single Landing Page. The Landing Page feature allows you to provide a background image and up to 5 different buttons linking to unique menus. 
This is a great way to simplify navigation so that your customers can get what they want as quickly as possible.